Pursuit of the Blog.

A new personal project will necessitate the illustration of the P-Funk Mythology. A friend inspired me to do this, and I think it will be worth my while. Will be different than anything that I've ever done. The P-Funk mythology is a group of recurring fictional characters, themes and ideas related in a series of concept albums and live shows, primarily from George Clinton and his founded bands Parliament and Funkadelic. All musicians in the same pool are involved (James Brown's backing bands, the JB's, and the Soul G's.)

The idea of the illustration project was derived from the the first track on the Mothership Connection album, P FUNK, which concerns a DJ character who inspired the Lollypop Man or the Long Haired Sucker. Frustrated that radio stations refused to play his songs, he invented his own station, W-E-F-U-N-K. Other characters will be dealt with later, and I'd like to pursue more research, Funky tune listening, but I'm fascinated by the names of the characters:

1. Starchild, the divine alien being
2. Dr. Funkenstein, the intergalactic master of outerspace Funk, capable of fixing all of man's ills
3. Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk, attempts to end the funk because he's too cool to dance, master of the Placebo Syndrome which causes unFunkiness (combination of stupidity and no dancing.)

These characters also belong on P-Funk's Motor Booty Affair, Gloryhallastoopid, and Trombipulation.

Funkadalic albums are a bit more abstract, telling the mythology of Fnkdadelic as a socially conscious spiritualism. We'll see, it's what I have thus far.