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Strange trying to get personal with a blog.

I am about to complete my fourth and final year studying Graphic Design at TCU and I'll gladly say that the last few years have been more enjoyable and unexpected than any other time in my life thus far.

During this period, I discovered, or in some cases, rediscovered that I hold strong magnetic attractions to R. Crumb, Edward Gorey, Henry Miller, finding and adopting pianos from front yards, trips to visit family in France, Smurfs, electronic music, blues, playing piano, bearded dragons, and so on. I was born in Belgrade, Serbia and am fluent in Serbian, which is why I chose 'YES' on the criteria asserting that my blog posts can apparently be translated into Serbian by a single click of a button? We'll see. Let's not forget that the initials of BlogSpot are indeed.......... BS.

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