New Imagery

Immediately after class I started writing things that popped up in my head:
A plunger, A vacuum. Things whose goal as a tool is to and things that suck other things in. We are constantly sucked in by earwax. It tempts us. It's hard for us to focus on things that are important because we are bombarded by a number of things that may not be so important.
Dumbo, Mocked for his big ears
Rudolph, Mocked for his big red nose
Josef Muller Brockmann Noise Pollution image
Cornel West philosophy
Helen Keller
Someone who feeds us shit
Something that feeds us shit

Most importantly I was looking for type books to start working on the logo design for my Thesis and came across this Cassandre poster that I had completely forgotten about: L'Intransigeant, 1925. Simplified and stylized imagery of the cubists and compositional quality of collage allowed Cassandre to translate representational form into visual symbols. The figure's head is next to a telegraph pole. Only portions of the words are revealed of the typography. Such positive and negative elements provide the representational quality of a collage.

Composition surrounded around the three implied circles: the eye, the ear, and the mouth: Perfect!
Could I attempt to alter and somewhat reuse this image as my symbol? Maybe its not immediately recognizable to the general public, but it is sooo awesome. Thoughts?

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