EARWAX, it is.

I've decided on EARWAX as my final poster concept. It's only in its initial stages, so forgive me if its not my best explanation yet. It may take on the shape of some sort of public service announcement like loose lips sink ships. Warnings of the dangers of earwax.
- Reefer Madness inspired?
- R Crumb
- Play on housewife look of 50's, sort of eavesdropping idea
- Earwax: a necessary evil, by John curie- "don't stick anything in your ears that's smaller than your elbow"

Here are some facts on EARWAX:
-Inspired by old scientific illustrations found on 50 watts. I've been collecting these and they're amazing.. those in Biology textbooks from the 70s to Psychology texts.
- Earwax, cerumen in medical terms
- yellowish, waxy substance secreted in the ear canal of humans and other mammals.
- positive- protects the skin of human ear canal, assists in cleaning and lubrication and provides protection from bacteria, fungi, insects, and water
- negative- an excess of or impacted cerumen can press against the eardrum and/or impair hearing
- can cause conductive hearing loss
- wax can protect your ear, but needs to be washed out so it doesn't build to an excess.
- some people have more than others
- cera=wax

- in medieval times earwax and other substances such as urine were used by scribes to illustrate illuminated manuscripts.
- earwax cafe in chicago, hipster style
- not all people's earwax is the same. can be grey, yellow, pumpkin-colored, brown, moist or dry
- Dream dictionary: To dream that you have excessive earwax suggests that there's something you're refusing to hear

- gooey earwax
- earwax blockage
- gunk in ears
- old dirty wax
- earwax buildup
- unclogging
- earwax is all around us
- Haven't found existing metaphors of earwax, but to me there is an extremely clear message that the concept of earwax represents
- If we don't clean up our ears, ear wax will build up in our ear and eventually we will not be able to hear clearly or not hear at all
- clogging, need to clean our the wax in our ears
- imagery: curette and cotton swabs, ear picks as cleaning it out. Biology and today: richard oden, terry lamb
- Andre Massen, Wilfredo Lam from View Magazine, Unica Zurn Solfege early 1960s
- Searched online for the stupid things people say: Found a blog topic- if you accidentaly overhear a loud, racist conversation....? Answers were ridiculous: "You can't fix stupid"- Ron White
-not enough minutes in a day for that
-you can't change them so let them
Should people just allow other people to be ignorant? Is it that the lazier generations become that people accept ignorance? Because everything is so easily accessible?

Notes from class today:
-Filtering the overload of information we have makes us smarter
- being able to criticize that which is valuable information and weave out that that's earwax

Now more brainstorming about what words and what visual approaches.

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