The week of spring break has led me to be more than confused about my goal for this poster assignment. Though I initially really wanted to work on the first project option, it seems now due to strong inspiration on the music poster option, that I am having to do work on both. SXSW showcased a number of bands that I saw that have inspired me to work on a music poster. Here are a few names:
------Twin Shadow
------Janka Nabay (awesome...tribal, African-rooted)
------The Givers
------Cloud Nothings
------Gold Panda (Electro)
------Rainbow Arabia (!)

Here's Some Imagery I found interesting:

Others I've thought of/Scrolled through my ipod for....
[1] Warpaint
[2] Appaloosa (a horse of a North American breed having dark spots on a light background)
[3] Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
[4] Duck Sauce
[5] Free the Robots
[6] I Monster
[7] Jean Tonique (Gin+Tonic)
[8] Looking Glass
[9] Lykke Li (nice type treatment possibility)
[10] Magic Wands
[11] The Magnetic Fields
[12] Memory Tapes
[13] Penguin Prison
[14] Sleep Whale
[15] Small Black
[16] Taken by Trees (!)
[17] Voodoo Chili
[18] Wax Tailor

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