"Lots of Things Like This"

A friend of mine introduced me to a book he recently purchased, "Lots of Things Like This," compiled by Dave Eggers. The book and exhibition featured a hefty number of artists and represents pieces of their work that meet three criteria:
[un]: An Image
[deux]: Some words, usually referring to the image
[trois]: A sense of humor

I created a list of those pieces in the book that were inspirational to me for this project and simply for qualities inherent within themselves. These include:
-- Goya, Se Quieren Mucho
-- Raymond Pettibon
-- Simon Evans
--Amy Jean Porter
-- Tucker Nichols, Hey Ladies, Almost Canadian
-- David Berman, Don't Worry It's Just a Phone, Mowing the Cock Field
-- Chris Johannson, Tomorrow is Alright
-- Quentin Miller, Bird Button*
-- Enrique Chagoya, Untitled Border Control
-- Joe Brainard
-- David Shrigley
-- Peter Saul, The Peter Principle
-- Parsons Walker, Dad Wants His Trees Back
-- Jeffrey Brown

AND... The piece I've attached above was hilarious to me, both because it was a coincidental find (since we are 'poster-making,') and due to its blunt nature deeming it a perfect piece for inclusion in the book in question. :D

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