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Alan suggested I dig deeper into Shepard Fairey's motives now that he classified my poster under the Fairey campaign option provided in our assignment.
Read A LOT. Here's what I got from it.

For the Image:
-Orwellian Quality contrasting with Goofy Andre the Giant.
-Initially it started as simple mischief, sticker that solely said Andre the Giant has a posse.
-Goofy, Creepy, Humorous, Monolithic
-The counter-culture Big Brother- a sign that people are watching big brother as well
-Artists he mentions- Revs (Graffiti?)
-Building on Warhol.
-Pleasurable image though it's nonsensical.
-Could be an underground cult reference for Paranoids or Conservatives
-For the Consumptive viewer, owning a sticker provides belonging qualities, a souvenir, keepsake, momento. Comforting because it has cultural resonance.
-People who want to be rebellious. Underground quality- anti-establishment, societal convention.
-Pow(ER) posters pay homage to Roy Lichtenstein. emPOWERment.

For the Message:
-Ambiguity gets under people's skin because they don't know what to make out of it (Same 'temptation of meaning' Zizek talks about.)
-Fucking with the program in a society dominated by corporate imagery.
-The medium is the message- illegally placing something in the public's right of way. the act itself makes it political.
-Expression without bureaucracy is why he chose the street. Tax-payers are the bosses of government acc. to Fairey.
-People do the opposite of what they're told.
-Blowing "their" cover.
-People exaggerate everything.
-Phenomenology- process of letting things manifest themselves- things that are taken for granted are revealed.
-Reawakens the sense of wonder about one's environment
-Question the sticker and your surroundings- people aren't used to propaganda for which the motive isn't obvious.
-OBEY-no actual meaning, but causes people to react, contemplate, search for its meaning

Random words:
-The silent people
-Complete inevitability of supply and demand economics in a capitalist society

He worries about the quality of information in an age where "faster" seems to trump "better"-EARWAX!!
Don't need anymore distractions.
Deterioration of thoughtful communication- Neal Gabler from SUNDAY LA Times, mentions Marshall McLuhan-"the medium is the message"

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